All the Lending through Loan Apps has been temporarily suspended, apologies for the inconvenience.

We currently do not associate with or maintain any loan apps, service agents, collection agents, or branch offices in India or Overseas.

Our Vision and Mission Statements

Our Vision

Non-Banking Financial companies form a vital part of the Indian Financial System. They play an essential role in financial inclusion by enhancing competition and diversification in the financial sector.

RHL wants to help more people have access to financial services in an easy, transparent, secure, and friendly environment. We want to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve, earning their trust and loyalty. Our ambition is to be leaders in all markets in which we operate and to expand our leadership in new countries.

"To provide innovative financial products available to everyone."
Our Mission

We shall achieve our vision by deeper understanding of specific customer segments, to fulfil their financial needs through customized products and simple processes.

"To enhance the wealth generation capability of the enterprises in a globalising environment."

Our Core Values

RHL holds onto its values represented through the 4Ts of Trust, Transparency, Teamwork, and Technology:


To focus on enhancing the economic output of our customers` enterprises.


To maintain a Customer-Centric approach and provide all the required information to customers, employees and other stakeholders and maintain transparent culture across the organization. 


To provide financial assistance through Fintech model and moving towards paperless.


To follow the values of “Team Strength” and promote “coordination and cooperation” in all verticals.