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It has come to our notice that some Loan Apps available on various app stores and are fraudulently claiming to be offered by Richa Holdings Limited. 

We do not offer loans through or work with any Loan Apps. Customers are cautioned not to avail loans or make any payment to any link/account shared by any Loan apps/agents claiming to be associated with RHL. We request you to advise us of any such Fraudsters at

Products offered by RHL are custom-built to suit a wide range of industries and Individuals to maximize business growth. RHL offers 3 different products, which cover the entire spectrum of capital requirements of our customers. 

Inter Corporates Loans: These are loans given to Private & Limited Companies under specific agreement for a specific period at a fixed rate of interest. The purpose of this loan is to serve larger ticket size MSMEs and ensure the flow of credit to allow for improvements of their operational & working capacities. 

Instant Loans of 7 to 30 days (throughs apps on IOS & Android): The purpose of these loans is to serve small businesses, self-employed segment like traders (all kinds of shops), manufactures (small manufacturing industries, mills) & services (hotel industry, lathe machine, garages) that have immediate and short period requirements of capital to enhance business endeavors 

Loans against securities up to INR 5.00 millions: The purpose of these loans is to allow each individual to live his/her dream of having his/her own new house or shop or renovate the existing ones or to expand their existing businesses.

Our Unique Credit Methodology 

RHL recognized the need for a unique methodology for their different customer segments. The company worked on serving customers using sustainable differentiation created through studying business sustainability and credit behaviour through non-traditional income documents, technology driven rating methodologies and reference checks as well as from traditional income documents and various kinds of credit bureau checks.


The data base of references is maintained trade wise and is updated regularly. The trades are continuously monitored and studied and the changes are incorporated in the credit assessment accordingly. The credit assessment gets additional strength from the collateral which is taken for all the facilities for moral suasion.

Income assessment 

through non-traditional documents

Unique Credit Methodalogy

Reference checks of individual 

and businesses 

In-depth study of business to determine unique credit methods


refinement of product and credit methodology

Collateral taken for moral suasion 

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